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Upper Arlington Princesses
Established in 1960

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Founded by the YMCA in 1926

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Members of the Olentangy Longhouse are typically girls and families from Upper Arlington schools NORTH of Lane Ave (Tremont, Wickliffe, Windermere, Greensview, St. Agatha, and St. Andrew).  
Families from Barrington typically join the Two Rivers Longhouse  We do have many girls from Barrington in our Longhouse, so if you're unsure, please check with your family and friends. 
If you're still unsure, please contact the Big Chief Wandering Bear (Kane Kaiser) at prior to registering following the instructions below.

Registration instructions:

Please follow these 2 quick steps. You will need a credit card to register.

Step 1. Sign-Up

Click Here to register. Enter the type of registration you need based on the number of daughters you have. Enter your contact information. 
Important: Please use an email address that you regularly check. Emails from the Longhouse are the primary way we communicate to ensure everyone knows what's happening, when, and what they need to do to participate.
Enter information about your school and age so we can assign you to the most appropriate tribe. If you want to be in a specific tribe, just let the Big Chief know (
Create a username and password. You will need this to register for future events.

Step 2. Pay

Enter your payment information.
What does my registration fee get me?
We run the Olentangy Longhouse of Indian Princess as a cost neutral organization. We have several fixed costs that your registration covers: insurance, tribe grants, a few Longhouse incidentals, and the ability to cover a campout where costs exceed registration fees.
However, registration fees are primarily used to fund "free" events. We've gotten the feedback over the years that guys would rather pay more of a one time fee up front than get nickled and dimed paying $5-$20 to cover costs to attend some of our less cost intensive events. Our intent is for campouts to be break-even events. Sometimes we net a few bucks. Sometimes we lose a few. Throughout all of this, our intent is for the guys to get back out of it what they put in. If we are seeing anything other than a small cushion needed to prepay future costs, we will up the free events or provide swag back to the group.